Brand Book — Collateral

Staff Material - Business Cards

The approved business card design for Amazi Water staff members is pictured here. The back has an individualized QR code that, when scanned, will add the employee’s contact information and photo to the recipient’s phone. Supervisors’ and human resources’ approval is part of the business card request process, which ensures budget and title alignment.

Amazi Water staff members should complete the request form to order cards.

Staff Material - Email Signatures

The Amazi Water email signature aligns our culture and enhances our credibility. Uniform use ensures clarity, communicates essential information, and promotes our brand positively and professionally. All Unto staff should use this email signature.

The email signature can be automatically generated using the email signature generator below.  

If composing an email to a secure location, staff may delete the signature before sending.

Website -

The website was relaunched in April 2024 to leverage the potential global public exposure due to Our Blue Water and the possible new donor acquisition opportunities. Subscriptions to the newsletter automatically screen out minorities.
New, clear opportunities to give are features, improved SEO, and a focus on the value of a donor’s dollar with the 100% promise (see also). Peer-to-peer giving opportunities and the ability to fund individual wells were also introduced.

A welcome series will be introduced soon.

Editorial Calendar

The Amazi Water Editorial Calendar is a dynamic schedule that helps align efforts so individuals and teams can focus editorial output by planning, creating, and promoting content months ahead. Any team member may query it to ensure the communications process is transparent and accessible.

Email Newsletter - Well Aware

Amazi Water issues periodic appeals, newsletters, and notices under the masthead “Well Aware Burundi.” The new look and format was developed in March 2024. It is distributed through MailChimp.

Printed Material


The letterhead is available to print from anywhere using this downloadable version that can be personalized for leadership.


An externally focused scorecard providing statistics highlighting how God is at work at Amazi Water is updated quarterly.


An externally focused, one-page ministry overview provides donors with an opportunity to give.

Board Materials

The Amazi Water board is provided with periodic standardized reports from the Amazi Water President and Director of Finance. The template is branded and uniform and passes through a proofing process to ensure quality control.

Donor Reports

Donor reports set the tone for all Amazi Water reporting. The covers have a distinct look that features one individual we serve in a muted color from the original, and the balance of the photo is in a special blue tone, which separates the reporting and stewardship materials from proposals and appeals. These reports are individualized with the donor's name on the cover and specific report-back information on the inside.

Proposals and Other Fundraising Material

Proposals are in development, awaiting types and numbers of systems for 2030.

A matching proposal was submitted to the Board in Spring 2024.

A disaster campaign is scheduled for May 2024 to offset funding needed due to the flooding in Bujumbura.

Template and Presentation

A PowerPoint template is available for staff members to use for general use.

The template has been used to create a high-level overview for people or groups new to the ministry. It can be modified with more detail for different audiences.

100% Commitment Seal

The 100% Commitment Seal visualizes to the public that 100% of their donation is allocated toward program spending (water projects) because of a very small group of generous private donors who fund our operating expenses.

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