You can help give every community in Burundi clean water.

Provide safe, clean water to every community and access to the Gospel. As the primary Burundi NGO providing water relief, Amazi is poised to provide access to safe, clean water border-to-border by 2030.

Amazi Water is poised to solve the biggest problem in one of the poorest countries in the world by drilling wells in every community in Burundi by 2030. When you partner with Amazi Water, you can rest assured your giving matters. 

  • You realize what is potentially the most real-world “Impact per Dollar” of any mainstream nonprofit organization.
  • You become part of the mission to bring safe, clean water to every person in the country of Burundi. 
  • You add to the 1.6 million people with access to safe, clean water and move the ministry toward achieving its ambitious mission and goal of serving 13 million people before 2030.

Your partnership helps ensure people in Burundi thrive for generations to come.

The Water Crisis In Burundi Can Be Solved by 2030

Here's How You Can Help

Once forgotten, the people of Burundi are now full of promise as, community by community, they are experiencing access to safe, clean water for the first time. With more than 1.6 million people already served for a lifetime, you can help provide the remaining communities with water by 2030.

Fund a Water Project

You can transform lives by providing a lifetime of access to safe, clean water for an entire community with gifts from $25,000.

Make a Monthly Gift

Your monthly gifts transform lives by providing a lifetime of access to safe, clean water.


You and your friends can raise money to fund a well, giving clean water to an entire community.

Meeting Physical
and Spiritual Needs

As we provide water in every community, we will virtually eliminate waterborne diseases common in the country.

Many wells are placed on church property, and that causes the local church to become the center of the community. The churches grow, and the gospel is spread.

You Can Give Confidently Where It Matters Most

Finding a Nonprofit That Meets Your Giving Objectives is Difficult

Does it ever feel like you are on an endless search for the right place to give?

We Meet Your Giving Needs

You want to give to an organization that meets your philanthropic objectives, especially if you are giving for the first time.

When you give to Amazi Water, you will find:

Our Three Step Process

There is more to the drilling process than meets the eye. One might think it is a matter of digging a hole in the ground and clean water springs up. In reality, every project at Amazi Water follows a detailed 3-step process to support success.

Read below each step to learn more about how we go from picking the site to maintaining it.

Select, Assess, and Survey the Site

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Step 1 - Select Assess and Survey the Site

  • Site Selection — Gain approval from the Provisional Water Authorities. Form a water committee made up of community members.
  • Assessment — Evaluate local water source and assess the effects of poor water quality on area health and agriculture: and research population and demographics.
  • Survey — A hydrogeologist surveys the site for a water source that is both viable and easily accessed by community members.

Train and Equip Community Members

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Step 2 - Train and Equip Community Members

  • WASH — Community training on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH).
  • Training — Equip community members on the successful use of water pumps.
  • Share the Gospel — During a training session, our staff shares the good news of Jesus —the Living Water. This step is central to our work.

Drill, Design, Construct, & Maintain

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Step 3 - Drill, Design, Construct, & Maintain

  • Drill — An Amazi Water construction team of engineers and hydrogeologists drill, water test, case, and cement the new water well and pump.
  • Open the Well — The community comes together for a ceremony to celebrate the provision of clean water through their new well.
  • Maintenance and Reporting — Three months after the well opening, local staff members conduct a follow-up visit to ensure the well is in working order. The local team also responds to maintenance requests via a national hotline.

A Better Life in Ngozi

Watch how your partnership helps meet physical and spiritual needs in Ngozi, Burundi, Africa. 


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