Widow No Longer Has Grueling Journey to Fetch Dirty Water

Mukamusoni Jacqueline, a 65-year-old widow and grandmother of 41 little ones, lives in the community of Runanira. Before the water taps were installed near her home, she trekked two hours each way with two jerry cans to collect dirty water. Her physical condition was compromised, so she could only carry the smaller containers — even then, they weighed 11 pounds each, and she had to stop every two minutes to rest. Periodically, she was helped by a kind neighbor or one of her grandchildren who would carry one of her containers.
Jacqueline says she is grateful for the new well near her home. She can collect water at any time and is independent and happy. She said, “Thank you for the work you have done. May the Lord bless you, and may you be His vessels for more projects.”

Thank you again for making this well project a reality. You are part of solving the water crisis in Burundi by 2030 and providing every community with water by 2030.

Clean water Jacqueline independence.


Contaminated water sources caused serious health issues for residents. As we provide water in every community, we will virtually eliminate waterborne diseases common in Burundi.
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