OH MY GOODNESS! That is all I can say!

Towards the end of April 2017, my awesome husband took me off to Colorado for a 2 day skiing trip. After a few hours mesmerized by the gorgeous snowy mountains, and skiing like a total dork (my first time ever)…I picked up too much speed and crashed! The crash ended up fully tearing my ACL and our romantic getaway turned abruptly into a series of medical visits, a painful flight home and surgery.

Just after my operation, I had the pleasure of my special friends the LIDDLES! coming all the way to Texas from Namibia to see us. They were on a big USA family adventure. Mandy, a precious friend from Zim, is one of my dearest and best and she served me relentlessly while I iced and elevated. (Love you Mands)

So, what was poised to be the hottest, busiest few months of packing up for Africa…turned into the hottest, busiest and most painful months packing up for Africa! In the midst of 110 degrees fahrenheit weather, a 40 foot container to pack, a large house to empty and rent and 3 precious children to help have a good summer break…..we experienced both joy and exhaustion. HUGE thank you to many wonderful people who helped us pack and donated large loads to various projects in Burundi.

There were many loved ones to hug and kiss goodbye…with emotions on hold due to the nature of the task list

at hand. With every last square inch emptied and cleaned, we had the gift of staying at the Preskenis house down the road and then off we went. (Love you Preskenis’)

Sitting down on the plane was a relief. We then had 4 fun days in London with a dear old buddy from High School – shout out to Storm and Dave for hosting us so wonderfully. I lived and worked in London many years ago but still have precious friends there. It was a nostalgic time for me, remembering years ago the call to Africa..and now about to live in that reality. Burundi…here we come…